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Sophie Botsford lives and works in Spaldwick, Huntingdon . She grew up on an arable farm, which has had a huge inspiration for much of her artwork today. With a keen interest in her farming background, Sophie gained a degree in Rural Enterprise & Land Management from Harper Adams University in 2013.


It was her intention to pursue a career in land management, however in November 2013 she was given the opportunity to undertake an 11 month internship with figurative painter James Gillick. Within this period Sophie learnt the art of traditional oil painting, making most of her materials by hand using techniques dating back to the 17th century. With this, grew an appreciation towards the techniques and materials used to create an individual masterpiece and so her career as an artist was born.​

Sophie now has a vast portfolio of fine art paintings, which is continuing to grow. Her work ranges from small still lifes, flowers & game birds, to larger animal subjects. She is also available to take on commissioned projects, whether it be of a beloved pet or sentimental objects put into a still life.


​Spencer Coleman Fine Art, Lincoln             2015 - April 2022

The Hunter Gallery, Bury St. Edmunds       2016 - present

Please feel free to contact Sophie if you would like to visit her studio or commission a painting.

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